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Look! The F-16 is a good partner for the F-20!

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As a good partner of the F-20, the F-16 fighter is coming!

The Chinese Air Force released the F-16 fighter propaganda film and F-16 commemorative cover on February 28, demonstrating the Chinese Air Force's mission of accelerating strategic transformation and advancing military training.


Chinese Air Force F-16 commemorative cover

In July 2017, the F-16 and F-20 fighters participated in the parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and were displayed in front of the world in a combat posture.

The Chinese Air Force released a promotional video "J-16 is here, a good partner for J-20! ", With the well-known" I love you China "as the background music, with vivid and shocking flying pictures, Air Force officers and soldiers keep in mind the mission of the new era and the value pursuit of improving the ability to win in the new era, concentrated in 2 minutes 18 seconds In the video. The commemorative cover of the F-16 fighter released was exquisitely made, and used international communication methods to tell another story of the Chinese Air Force's journey to a new era.


The J-16 is a new type of fighter developed by the Chinese aviation industry. It is used in combination with the fighters such as the J-20 to form a powerful combination of air, sea, and land operations. It will further enhance the air attack and air defense capabilities of the Air Force and advance the Chinese Air Force strategy A new leap forward in transformation.

At 9 am on July 30, 2017, a military parade to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army was held in Zhurihe training base. The F-16 fighter jets made their first public appearance in the airborne parade of this parade.


Five F-16 fighter jets are arranged in a wedge shape in the middle position of the entire fighter echelon and are prestigious. How difficult is it to fly the F-16 in a dense formation over the parade ground? What amazing performance does this fighter have? What kind of confidence and pride do you have on the F-16 fighter that you fly?


A new weapon for big nations to escort a new era.

The Chinese Air Force, which is on the road to strengthening the army with Chinese characteristics, continues to build the actual combat air force, transition air force, and strategic air force around the strategic goal of "integration of air and space, and offensive and defensive defense." New fighters have continuously entered the public eye and become "star fighters" at home and abroad and the whole society.

Air Force officers and soldiers keep in mind the missions of the new era, improve their ability to win in the new era, and write new answers in maintaining air and space security in the new era.


Chinese Air Force J-20 Fighter Commemorative Cover

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