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C919 large passenger aircraft completes wing load calibration test

Release time: 2018-03-01 Clicks: 3069

On February 9, the C919 / B-001A aircraft wing load ground calibration test was successfully completed at the Aviation Industry Test Flight Center.

The C919 / B-001A aircraft load ground calibration test is a key part of the load monitoring test flight and the first large-scale ground test after the aircraft was transferred to Yan Liang. The importance is self-evident. Especially near the Lunar New Year and the time is urgent, the C919 load calibration team should be anxious for the task, and there was no slack in the moment. It has completed the single-point, multi-point loading demonstration, actuator adaptability analysis and adjustment, key parameter demonstration and revision. A series of preparations such as joint test of test system. After successfully passing the safety test of the test flight center on February 2, within seven days, the team led the participating units to perform loading tests during the day in accordance with the established division of labor, and analyzed the data at noon and night to work overtime, making the wing loading conditions all successful in one test. And obtained valid test data.

This wing test is the first time that the test flight center has calibrated the wing with a large upside-down angle, which is different from the vertical ground installation of the actuator in the previous test. This test designed an angled pad in the non-standard development to make the The moving cylinder and the wing are inclined at the same angle, which effectively eliminates the influence of the upper and lower angles. In view of the problem that the single-point limit load of the wing composite material is far less than the existing actuator stroke and the test loading error is large, an innovative adjustment is proposed. The two-pronged solution of hydraulic high-pressure output pressure and replacement of small-range load sensors, after a large number of initial commissioning tests, finally set the appropriate control system PID parameters and loading and unloading time, and successfully passed the test test, which will be used for subsequent similar aircraft calibration. The experiment provides useful reference.

It is reported that the components of the C919 / B-001A aircraft load calibration test include the wing and the flat tail. Due to the condition of the aircraft, the wing calibration test will be completed after the completion of the wing calibration test.