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Chida Aircraft Fun Sports Exhibition

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In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees and improve their centripetal force and cohesion. Before the weather "freezes", Chida Aircraft Party Branch and the trade union joint organization Chida colleagues first "move"! A week-long fun competition. All departments actively registered before the game. On October 27, the fun and colorful activities started with everyone's full expectations ...

Competition-"Working Together". Letting the wooden block under the joint traction of six people not only test the team's cooperation but also the operation skills. With the order of the host, each team member raced against the clock to make the block high. The audience was also anxious to analyze the "tactics" of angle and strength. The final market "People's Commune Team" won the championship with strength and skills!

Competition-"five people and six feet". "Five people and six feet" is an activity that can fully stimulate the team spirit and coordination ability. The competition requires leggings to go forward and return. Between the participating groups, "you chase me and dare", the audience cheered and encouraged morale. "There is no single perfect person, only perfect collective groups! "The teams worked together to complete the competition.

Competitions-"jump big rope", "tug of war". On the afternoon of November 3, all employees of Chida Aircraft participated in a unique and exciting rope skipping and tug of war competition. The scene of the game was in full swing and the atmosphere was warm. The rope was whine, and all the players were trembling, light-weight, agile and devoted to the game.

Immediately afterwards, it was the most anticipated "tug-of-war" competition. The cheerleaders of each team were very excited, and the cheering sounds were one after another, louder than louder. The whole game was filled with applause and laughter ...

This fun competition is based on the purpose of "healthy life, happy work", advocates a healthy lifestyle and encourages employees to actively participate in physical exercise activities. Enjoy happiness in sports, enjoy life in happiness. During the event, everyone was enthusiastic and enthusiastic. "Everyone shows his magical power", let us applaud the united and wonderful family of Chida Aircraft! Looking forward to the next event together!