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Chida Aircraft Holds Signing Ceremony of "Integrated Governance and Safety Responsibility Contract" in 2019

Release time: 2019-03-01 Clicks: 2500

In order to further implement the responsibilities of the main body of production safety of the enterprise, prevent and reduce all kinds of production accidents, and ensure the normal and orderly operation of employees' life safety, occupational health, and company management. Implement national laws and regulations on production safety, comprehensive management, fire safety, and occupational health.

On February 23, 2019, our company specially held the signing ceremony of "Chida Aircraft Comprehensive Management and Safety Liability Contract". The meeting was hosted by Zhao Guoshu, director of the Human Resources Department. The meeting was started. The moderator made it clear to everyone the purpose and significance of the meeting, and emphasized the contents of the letter of responsibility.

Tao Wei, General Manager of Chida Aircraft, gave instructions on the comprehensive management and safety responsibility work, and asked all departments to implement the work as soon as possible.

Agenda 1: General Manager Tao signed a responsibility contract on behalf of Chida Aircraft with the parent company "Hager Communications".

Agenda 2: General Manager Tao and the leaders of various departments make contract bookmarks.

Signed a contract with Xue Xiaojian, the general manager of the marketing department

Signed a contract with Director Du Shuming of the Finance Department

Signed a contract with Zhao Guoshu, Director of Human Resources

Signed a contract with Sun Jianxin, Purchasing Department

Signed a contract with Manager Zhang Jianqiang of Quality Department

Signed a contract with Manager Hui Duhui

Signed a contract with Director of Production Technology Yan Chuansheng

Agenda 3: Director of Production Technology

Signed a contract with the first unit of CNC

Signed a contract with NC 2nd Unit Feldspar

Signed a contract with Yin Lin, the head of the three-unit CNC

Signed a contract with Airline Unit Chief Fan Lin

Signed a contract with Shen Guan, the leader of the recovery unit

Signed a contract with Equipment Leader Li Yong

The signing of the "Comprehensive Governance and Security Responsibility Contract", as a part of the protection of the interests of employees, has both the role of self-monitoring and the benefit of clear responsibility. The company should put the safety of employees 'lives first, identify risks, and comprehensively and actively rectify hardware and software to ensure the safety of employees' lives.