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Chida Aircraft's 2018 Annual Commendation and Commendation Ceremony and 2019 Chinese New Year Gala Ceremony Held Successfully

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On January 31, 2019, Chida Aircraft's 2018 Annual Commendation and Commendation Ceremony and the 2019 New Year's Gala were successfully held. The conference is divided into three agendas: Agenda 1: Company leaders welcome employees to enter the venue and wear a red scarf to pose for a "family portrait"; Agenda 2: 2018 annual summary recognition and appointment; Agenda 3: 2019 Spring Festival Gala

Agenda 1: Company leaders welcome employees to enter, sign in and wear red scarves.

Company Vice Chairman Meng Meng and General Manager Tao Meng personally wore red scarves for the employees to take a group photo with each employee at the sign-in of the annual meeting. The company's senior management welcomed guests from the entrance to the sign-in. Let employees truly feel the warmth of the Chida family and the taste of the New Year.

Chida "Family Portrait"! Happy New Year!

Agenda 2: 2018 annual summary and commendation.

Deputy General Manager Xue hosted this session. First, all the staff sang "Song of Military Industry".

Appointment of company executives in 2019

Secondly, Vice Chairman Meng Meng carried out the "Company Annual Work Report", reviewed the major events of Chida Aircraft in 2018, summarized the operation and management achievements of Chida Aircraft in 2018, and clarified the work ideas and goals for 2019.

Next, the company commended and awarded outstanding teams and individuals who have made important contributions in various fields in the past year.

Hager Group Awards-"Outstanding Management Award"

Winners: Du Shuming, Wang Yao, Zhu Chao;

Hager Group Award-"Advanced Worker Award"

Winner: Di Shuqin;

Hager Group Awards-"Excellent Finance Team Award"

Company "Excellent Employee Award"

Company "Rookie Award"

Company "Working Hour Champion Award"

Company "Dedication Award"

Company "Outstanding Management Award"

Company "Technical Achievement Award"

Company "Excellent Team Award"

Company "Excellent Team Award"

Representatives of management officials

Excellent staff speak

In the end, General Manager Tao, based on the company's business goals for 2019, gave instructions for the work in 2019 and sent everyone a new year greeting!

Agenda 3: 2019 Chinese New Year Gala

"Hua Can Rujin welcomes the Chinese New Year, and concentrates on the prosperity!" The host made a stunning appearance! The opening dance "Happy Together" kicked off the prelude to the Chinese New Year party. "Gather a joyful, auspicious one", the joyous dance, let everyone applaud!

Colleagues from the technical department brought a short piece "Wooden Man", so that everyone can see that not only the technical level of the technical department is praiseworthy, but also the literature and art.

Guests bring the song "Where has the time gone" to warm the heart.

The dance kebab "Han Han Ge & Flower Guardian" set off the climax of the annual meeting, yelling loudly.

Game moments

"Same boat and sail together, ride the wind and waves!" It is the strength of the team that made us reach such a promising result today! The chorus "Unity is Power" from the production department made us feel a strong motivation!

The sketch "Seeing a Doctor" made everyone feel warm in the laughter.

The solo song "Sixty-eight Degrees" is very popular; the hand encourages "Little Baby" to be full of vitality. The host's song and dance skewers ended the gala successfully.

The guest's "Daughter Love" makes people think about it.

Dear friends, here, Chida Aircraft's 2018 annual summary and commendation ceremony and the 2019 New Year's Gala Ceremony are gorgeously concluded. Let's toast and wish Chida better and better!

In 2019, Chida thank you! Let us look forward to seeing you again next year!