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Company Profile

Xi'an Chida Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in aircraft parts manufacturing. The company's registered capital is 32 million yuan, and its registered address is the new industrial park of Yanliang Economic Development Zone in Xi'an. It covers an area of more than 17 acres, with a workshop of 4,500 square meters, and has fixed assets of 130 million yuan.

Xi'an Chida Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Business scope is aviation parts processing; application and development of numerical control technology; design and manufacture of aircraft ground equipment; design and manufacture of molds. The company has obtained project support from the Development and Reform Commission, and has successively passed relevant quality management system certifications. From procurement to processing, manufacturing, quality inspection, shipping, and service, it has established a set of efficient and high-quality operating systems, enabling the company to continue in the fierce market competition. Development and growth. The company's existing scale, technical capabilities and product quality are at the leading level and the industry is highly competitive. In 2011, it invested 30 million yuan for technological transformation. Currently it has a standardized production workshop and a large-scale CNC gantry machining center. The maximum processing range covers 10 meters. The Czech Republic has spent huge sums of money to introduce large 5-axis machining centers. The company has 28 senior engineers and 28 senior technicians. The products cover the entire process of manufacturing aircraft wind tunnel test models and various types of aircraft test parts, static test aircraft parts and mass-produced aircraft parts.

The company's main business is aircraft parts manufacturing, and has mastered large-scale aircraft parts manufacturing technology. It has made key technological breakthroughs in the treatment of stress and deformation of parts and the processing of ultra-thin parts. This technology has won national emphasis Eligibility for project development and production.

The company invested more than 3 million yuan in March 2013, purchased autoclave and refrigeration equipment, built a 6-meter composite material production line, implemented a resin-based composite autoclave molding process research and development and industrialization project, and started NADCAP certification. Work, the next three years will build a 40-meter scale composite material processing production line to meet customer demand for composite materials.

In February 2014, in order to adapt to the development of the international and domestic aviation industry, the company began to engage in aircraft component assembly projects. In the future, Chida is determined to provide customers with a complete industrial chain service of aircraft components from manufacturing to assembly.