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Business Scope

Number Control Machining

The company's main business is aircraft parts manufacturing. It has mastered large-scale aircraft parts manufacturing technology. It has made key technological breakthroughs in the treatment of stress and deformation of parts and the processing of ultra-thin parts. This technology has won national key projects. (Large aircraft) Access to research and production.
After two years of hard work in March 2010, the company made breakthrough progress in high-speed cutting technology of titanium alloy parts, becoming one of the few companies with this technology, laying a good technical foundation for obtaining large-scale aircraft production orders in the later stage. .

The Composite Material Processing

Xi'an Chida's composite materials are widely used in military and civil aircraft, and have cooperated with Xifei Company for many times. He also participated in the research and development of UAV parts of Xi'an Aisheng Group, and also participated in the XX aircraft center wing composite material experimental project of China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute. All successfully completed the task, and received widespread praise from customers.
The company and Northwestern Polytechnical University jointly established a project joint research team. Northwestern Polytechnical University has a Key Laboratory of Modern Design and Integrated Manufacturing Technology of the Ministry of Education, a National Professional Laboratory for CAD / CAM, a Laboratory for Aircraft Manufacturing Process and Equipment, and a Laboratory for Polymer Materials. Intensive research has been conducted on product digital design technology, design and manufacturing system integration technology, manufacturing process and digitization, composite material digital manufacturing technology, polymer materials, polymer chemistry and physics and bonding technology, etc., and a number of research results have been obtained . Especially in the research of composite material molding process control technology, we have completed a number of model research topics, with advanced material testing machines, resin curing test equipment and various analysis software required for this project. In this project, Northwestern Polytechnical University undertakes the optimization design of the forming tooling for shaped composite materials.
The company's construction principles are to build production lines in accordance with international standards, pass relevant quality certifications, obtain third-party NADCAP certification for composite materials, undertake foreign orders, learn from foreign composite material manufacturing technology and management, and integrate with foreign manufacturing technologies to become world-class supplier.